Welcome to my bar, how’s your day so far?


Hello everybody, i’m Franco and i like my job. 


As a bartender i have the great opportunity to find a lot of interesting and awesome people. You never know who’s gonna pass the door: maybe the usual suspects that know me since I was a little kid roaming the streets of my block. Maybe someone who just need directions and who does not care about ordering something to drink.

It’s fine. I love my job for the people. Sure, i want to be paid and i don’t like to be played by a trickster. But if you are honest and polite, no problem if you just need a place to rest a little, maybe ask for a tip or just some ears were pouring your stories.

I’m in this business only by a couple of years and, for sure, being in my 20s I am not an old sage. But I choose to open this blog to tell you some stories that i find interesting and, sometimes, funny.

I hope you’ll enjoy and feel free to share your stories too!